Is John Legend the sexiest man alive? We’re not quite sure that he is. People Magazine has recently declared John Legend as the sexiest man alive. We’re not surprised, however there are some others that we think may top him as the sexiest man alive.

Top 5 Sexiest Men Alive

#1 Sexiest Man Alive | Tom Brady

Tom Brady | #1 Sexiest Man Alive
Tom Brady is one of the most motivating men… in other men’s eyes and loved by most every woman in the Boston metro area. This sexy man has been playing football for a long time and seems to get better with time. We love our men like this. He has 6 Super Bowl rings and a smile to die for! After he’s done playing football in the NFL, we can see him starring in movies alongside the likes of Tom Cruise, George Clooney and others. He’s our #2 vote for sexiest man alive! Tom Brady even has more Google Searches than John Legend!


#2 Sexiest Man Alive | The Weeknd

The Weeknd | Sexiest Man Alive
The Weeknd is just damn cold! He’s sexy and had one of the most legendary Victoria’s Secret performances ever! He’s got a bad boy image, yet has that smooth sexy man appeal that bloomed from his song, “Earned It“. Which one of us girls didn’t love 50 Shades of Grey?


#3 Sexiest Man Alive | Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo Dicaprio | Sexiest Man Alive
Leonardo has NEVER won the sexiest man alive. Ok, he doesn’t have cut-up abs, gray hair and has never been on the set of Fast and the Furious, but we vote him as sexiest man alive. This man can act like nobodies business. And besides, who didn’t fall in love with him in the movie “Titanic”? We hope that he’ll be voted by People Magazine, eventually!


#4 Sexiest Man Alive | John Legend

John Legend | Sexiest Man Alive
John Legend is a great selection with his baby face and sexy smooth voice. He’s a great musician, actor and father! We do understand why John Legend was selected as the Sexiest Man Alive.


#5 Sexiest Man Alive | Kip Russell

Kidd Russell - Sexiest Man Alive
This guy isn’t exactly the most well known man, however he’s got a special place in our heart as he’s a musician, bald headed, a great husband and a great father! And he has some damn sexy eyes! If you’ve never heard of Kidd Russell’s music, you’ve got to check him out here! He sings about the struggles of becoming a father and supporting his wife in this song and video called “Every Month She Cries“. Check out his music on Youtube!

Kidd’s songs have been heard on Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club, Food Networks Anthony Bordains No Reservations, ESPN and many more. Over the last few years Kidd and his homeless Dj John Blaze have shared the stage with Shwayze, Mike Stud, Jake Miller, The Roots, Common, The Flobots, Nappy Roots, Chris Webby, G Love, The Deans List, Oncue, AER, MOD SUN, Mickey Avalon and many more.


Honorable Mention | Justin Beiber

Justin Bieber - Sexiest Man Alive
Justin Beiber is a good guy guy … gone bad guy… then back to good again. We’ve always loved his baby face, singing, bad boy status and he’s not afraid to cry! He also is featured in a song called “Bad Guy” with Billie Eilish.

Next year is a new year and an new People’s Magazine Sexiest Man Alive and hopefully some of our top votes will get their chance to take that top spot!

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